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Endovenous Laser Ablation

What is Endo Venous Laser Ablation? Laser treatment of varicose veins is about closing the damaged long, main superficial veins from the inside by the heat. The laser uses a beam of light that heats the inside wall of the vein and thus leads to the closure of the damaged veins. Closing the damaged vein we avoid classical surgical removal of veins from the body and redirecting blood flow to healthy veins, thus depriving the patient problems with veins, so visual, and subjective (click on the image). Indications and embodiment The method is endovenous, catheter method of treating veins and iis the modern alternative to conventional surgery, reserved for patients who suffer from moderate and severe damage to the vein (level 2.- 6). The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, lasts up to half an hour, and does not leave scars or bruises. The patient, immediately after the procedure, , along with the visible improvement in symptoms, and feeling ' relief '. According to the results of a comprehensive analysis of the world, laser vein treatment is the most successful method of treating varicose veins. The success of the method According to world literature, the success rate of laser treatment of veins ranges from 94-97%.

The advantages of laser treatment of veins (EVLT) over other treatment methods: According to modern medical literature, the laser is the most successful method and first choice in the treatment of varicose veins in the legs - comparison of the performance of lasers and other methods of treatment of veins is shown in the meta-analysis published in the Journal of vasuclar Surgery 2009 (Journal of Vascular Surgery the world's most eminent newspaper for vascular Medicine).