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Varicose Veins

All of you that have problems with the veins wonder why I have them, where they come from, is it genetic, related to the job and so on. Dilated (varicose) veins are wide, meandering, eye visible superficial veins on the legs. They are almost always caused by damage to the vein valves, which control the flow of blood from the periphery to the heart and lungs, where the blood receives oxygen and through the artery returns to the tissue.

If these valves (valves) are not functioning well, then the blood does not go only to the heart, but a part of it is returned to the lower part of the vein causing its expansion, irregularities in the wall of the vein. The causes of varicose veins are primarily genetic, mostly appear and worsen during pregnancy, while taking birth control pills, trauma, strokes, obesity, high heels and tight shoes as they reduce the work of "muscle pump", injuries of the spine, flat feet, prolonged sitting and standing.